Our Services

BEN HSUAN, INC. can address the many challenges of cell processing and manufacturing product by directing our focus on development of a nationwide network of cell and tissue processing laboratories.  We’ve also designed and implemented a comprehensive logistical infrastructure and have dedicated transportation capability.

Our clients are varied, but include medical and biomedical firms, physicians, clinics, hospitals, as well as academic medical centers.  We offer our customers with detailed consultation services that help assist with the development and refinement of regulatory, financial, technical, process, and quality systems strategies.

We offer our quality process service solutions independently, as well as with our other services.

Overview Of Services

  • Contracted Manufacturing
  • Comprehensive Consulting Services
  • Product/Clinical Testing Services
  • Development of Product & Processes
  • Clinical Services
  • Distribution & Transportation

Our Advantage

Our Focus

  • In all phases of our business, we wish to advance the field of cellular therapy.

State of The Art

  • We operate fully licensed and utilize fully licensed manufacturing vendors in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

National Distribution

  • By utilizing specific air and ground transportation networks, we are able to offer a variety of delivery options with round-the-clock processing.

Expert Approach

  • Our management team is extensively trained and experienced in cell-based therapeutics.

Regulatory Knowledge

  • Whether it be in the United States or internationally, we are deeply experienced in regulatory affairs.

Extensive Partner Network

  • Our clients are industry leaders in cell-based product development, clinical research, and patient care.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a deep commitment to the needs of our customers and their patients. Pen Hsuan guarantees the satisfaction of our products and services. We happily provide our cell therapy clients with the highest value, most cost effective services in order to properly meet their needs. Our management team is obligated to continuing improvement in all of our products and services and is always responsive to client questions and feedback.