Stem Cell Research Company

BEN HSUAN is a Florida-based cell services corporation that assists the development of specific therapies.  We administer cGMP-compliant cellular manufacturing techniques as well as provide consulting-level services.  These unique services encompass regulatory, financial, technical, manufacturing, and quality strategies.  BEN HSUAN’s cG(x)P domestic and international network enables us to provide a level of service from start to finish – preclinical development, clinical research, collection, processing, tissue storage, diagnostic services, biologic product testing, manufacturing, and distribution.


BEN HSUAN’s range of services are able to be applied throughout the entire process of cell therapy, a market who is experiencing rapid growth.  The Global Stem Cell Therapy Market is poised to grow at around 37.3% over the next decade to reach approximately $1.87 billion by 2025.

Corporate Values

Our corporate values revolve around helping to create a positive effect on the quality of life of our patients.  The products we manufacture and the services we provide can precipitate a major impact on the well being of people worldwide.  With that in mind, we demand both the highest ethical and quality standards from ourselves, our vendors, and our clients.  This approach allows us to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business.

Our Focus

  • In all phases of our business, we wish to advance the field of cellular therapy.

State of The Art

  • We operate fully licensed and utilize fully licensed manufacturing vendors in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

National Distribution

  • By utilizing specific air and ground transportation networks, we are able to offer a variety of delivery options with round-the-clock processing.

Expert Approach

  • Our management team is extensively trained and experienced in cell-based therapeutics.

Regulatory Knowledge

  • Whether it be in the United States or internationally, we are deeply experienced in regulatory affairs.

Extensive Partner Network

  • Our clients are industry leaders in cell-based product development, clinical research, and patient care.